I love me some me.

Stevie Johnson 1000 Yards

Let’s go back to the night before my first year as a starting WR. It’s a different workload. Throughout camp and workouts – it’s nothing to carry the title. There’s too much hype but there’s also support. So those days and nights go by smooth.

 PreSeason hit and it’s somewhat the same just more media. You can anticipate the feel of the season. I guess I didn’t realize the magnitude of actually being the starting WR up until the night before Week 1. 

 Saturday night come around and meetings, workouts, personals, and film and meetings again. Anyway, now it’s time to relax and sleep but that was impossible to do at the time with all the thoughts on my mind. Usually I won’t talk to anyone. However, I picked up my phone and texted someone who has been in this situation multiple times plus bigger. TO. 

 As I look back, and even further I can remember going to candlestick park as a youngin and watching TO, and I literally don’t tell nobody how I feel, yet, something came over me to hit him up. Nevertheless, “yo I can’t sleep man what did you do to overcome moments like this?” He replied, “think about who you do it for, yourself, family, god, remember what you hustle for, and go do you.” 

Got my thoughts together and was fortunate enough to put up my first 1000 yard season. Welcome to the 1000 yard club.

“I love me some me.”

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